How to upgrade your Jeep Wrangler JK without a big budget

Check out our top Jeep Wrangler JK accessories for $100 and under.

Keen to turn your Jeep into the off-road beast of your dreams, but burdened with the beast of a tight budget?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

1. Grab handles

The right grab handles add extra support and style to your Jeep Wrangler JK. They’re particularly useful for you to grip when you’re steering through rough terrain, or for when you’d like to make a graceful entry to or exit from your vehicle.

Durable and easily attached to your roll cage, grab handles come in many different forms. A benefit of a soft grab handle, though, is that any unwanted contact with your cranium is unlikely to cause harm.

2. Cowl cover body armour

Not only does it customise your Jeep’s look, cowl body armour protects your Jeep from dings, scratches and the time the wind catches your unstrapped door and causes a soul-crushing crunch as it hyperextends.

Save yourself the heartbreak, the hundreds and the horrid jeep ‘dimple’. Fix these babies on your bonnet; as a peel and stick they’re incredibly easy to install.

You can also use cowl body armour to hide an existing dimple. We won’t tell anyone.

3. Fuel cap cover

A fuel cap door cover is one of the easiest ways to add character to your Jeep. Made from various colours, materials and designs, they’re a simple addition that do a lot for your Jeep’s overall look.

Plus, they’re easy to change when you feel like something new (or a quick upgrade); most of them fit directly over the existing opening with no drilling required.

4. Bonnet latches

Driving a Jeep at higher speeds (ahem, sticking to the limit, of course) means that your bonnet is likely to flutter, simply because of the material it’s made from.

While nothing to worry about, this hood flutter can be distracting while you’re driving and it’s best to keep it in check with sturdy hood latches. Of course, they’ll only enhance your look even further and are less likely to fade in Australia's hot and sunny environment.

5. Tail light guards

Don’t bust an epic, off-road adventure by busting a taillight (and then maybe copping a fine).

Tail light guards offer your Jeep protection and style; they come in heaps of different designs, like Iron Man-style guards, Captain America-style guards, Jeep Grille-style guards – need we say more?

6. LED Light Bar Bracket

If you already know a thing or two about Jeep Wrangler JK modifications, you're probably well aware that upgrading to additional LED lights is almost a must.

Most Jeeps leave the factory with lights that are weaker than you'll like - and likely need, if ever you think you'll drive at night or in terrible weather...

With improved LED light technology these days, it's easy to find affordable, long lasting LED lights that will make your driving experience all the better – and safer too, of course.

7. Door hinge foot step

Step up your roof-packing or freedom-panel-removing game. For your convenience, these handy foot steps can be used without fuss on your front or rear doors, and will fold away nicely when you're finished using them.

They're easy to install, too; you'll be ready to reach for new heights in less than ten minutes.

8. 3D Grille mesh insert

Ideal for both the daily drive and off-road adventure, the 3D mesh grille insert is built to protect your Jeep's radiator from debris coming through the grille. As a bonus, it gives the front of your Jeep a bit of character without taking away from that iconic Jeep look we all know and love.

Thanks for reading and chat to you soon in my next post!

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Erin for JK Warehouse